NEW BLS Heartcode

American Heart Association Basic Life Support (AHA BLS) Renewal & Certification

This is a CPR class for healthcare providers. It is required for all healthcare providers who work in a clinical setting, or in the adminsitration of a clinical facility.


Classes Offered Mon-Sat 

Start at 8:30am, or 1pm

Costa Mesa & San Diego

Duration: 4.5hrs

Contact Hours: No Contact Hours are awarded.

Please see our FREE CE Online.

Price: $50 Renewal/ $75 Certification


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Please CLICK below on “OC” for classes in Orange County, or “SD” for classes in San Diego.
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AHA BLS Textbook 2010 ECC

AHA BLS Textbook ECC 2010

Do I need to purchase the AHA Textbook for my AHA Course?
The AHA BLS textbooks is REQUIRED in class.

Your textbook is INCLUDED with your BLS Exam.

NEW 2015 GUIDELINES are released! 





How do I Sign-Up for a BLS Course? 

Option 1: Sign Up for our AHA BLS Course/ Heartcode part 2

This one hour session is offered every day, Monday-Saturday.

You MUST complete the ONLINE AHA BLS Exam before coming in for your AHA BLS Course.

Our staff will send you instructions how to register for the online exam.

Course: AHA BLS Course/ Heartcode Part 2

Duration: 1 hr

Course Fee: $65 – includes Online Exam Key & AHA BLS Student Manual


You will have access to the AHA BLS Student Manual online, together with your Online BLS Exam.


Call us, and we’ll schedule you for BLS Heartcode  at the office.

This is a 1.5hr computer session BEFORE your scheduled BLS Course. During this session, you can use the laptops at our office to complete the Online AHA BLS Exam. This is a FREE convenience service and DOES NOT INCLUDE the fee for the Online BLS Exam.

Please schedule in advance, because we have a limited number of laptops available at one time.

After you complete the Online Exam, you MUST get your BLS skills checked by one of our AHA BLS Instructors.

Option 2: Complete your BLS Renewal AFTER any advanced class, on the SAME DAY! 

AHA BLS Course Class Schedule

NEO Orange County

NEO San Diego

Laptop Session at the Office (1.5 hrs BEFORE your AHA BLS Course)

NEO Orange County

NEO San Diego

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the participant will be able to demonstrate the BLS 2010 updated skills using the adult, child, and infant manikins. They are as follows: Describe the links in the AHA Chain of Survival, including:

Early recognition of the need for BLS

Activating emergency response

Performing BLS starting with Chest Compressions

Early defibrillation with the AED or manual defibrillator

Describe the steps of CPR


In less than 10 seconds, check the pulse

Immediate High Quality Chest Compressions

Push Hard

Push Fast

Allow the chest to recoil

Minimize interruptions

Open the airway and provide ventilations

Describe the signs and symptoms of 4 major emergencies in adults

Heart attack (ACS)

Stroke (ACVA)

Cardiac arrest Foreign-Body Airway Obstruction

In addition, the participant will be able to demonstrate the following skills using an adult, infant, or child manikin

Rescue breathing



Bag-mask: adult, child, infant

Use of an AED for adults as well as children

Relief of FBAO in the responsive and unresponsive victim of any age.





CPR with Shadow Breaths - scaled

Shadow, Shadow! Are you OK? Quick, I need help here!

Call 911!

Get an AED!

Does he have a pulse? No pulse?!

I’m starting chest compressions!


CPR with Shadow Pads On (2)-scaled

Turn on the AED! Let’s attach the pads…



Stay clear! Stay clear!

[jcolumns]Shadow (1)-scaled
[jcol/]CPR with Shadow - Intubation-scaled[/jcolumns]