Career Building Workshop

The Career Building Workshop lets you choose what you want to accomplish.

  • Resume Makeover ($75) – the instructor, Bettie Aguilar, will guide you through customizing your Resume so that you can pass the screening process at the hospital. She’s very good at focusing on the important details, what to avoid, and how to phrase your accomplishments.
  • Cover Letter ($95) – The cover letter is the most important piece of the puzzle! That’s where your personality comes through, and you can make a lasting impression on the person reading it!
  • Interview Coaching ($35) –  Review the different types of interview, interview questions, and practice your responses. We’ll navigate the job search process with you.
  • Job Search, LinkedIn and Professional Networking – Learn to job search, and network effectively and effortlessly. Although it still takes time, and practice, you will gain specific steps to be prepared, and find opportunities.

CAREER BUILDING PACKAGE (includes Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Coaching, Job Search, LinkedIn and Networking) for $150 

Learn how to write a Resume for hospital job applications! How to Network and use LinkedIn for your Job Search in healthcare! How to prepare for the Hospital Interview!


We’ll get in touch with you within 1-3 days to schedule your appointment! Workshops are available every week! We try really heard to accommodate your schedule and your needs! Let us know if you need anything else contact us 

WResume Makeover Job Search and Netwokringriting the Resume

Bring your laptop, a digital and printed copy of your current Resume. 

Your resume goes through a long process before reaching the manager’s desk. The journey your resume will embark on initially begins with a software system that scans it for keywords, good spelling and grammar. If it does not pass the scanner, it will be deleted from their system. Your resume will then go to the HR department; they will scan it further for specific words and good alignment. Cluttered resumes will not proceed. If your resume does reach the nursing manager, she will then read it thoroughly. Resumes that do not meet the needs of the hospital will not be considered. This course is designed to teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly of resume writing. You will learn:

  • Proper formatting
  • Keywords and how to use them
  • How to design your resume according to your qualifications.

Hospitals want nurses with a bachelor’s degree who are experienced in the field where their job vacancy lies. We may be able to advise you on some alternative ways to present yourself. Volunteer programs are helpful. Taking care of a sick family member may be used as a reason to be out of work for an extended period of time. Maternity leave is an acceptable cause for absence from the workforce.
Continued education with the NEO® program can be very beneficial in showing your willingness to go the extra step to further your education.

Learn to Network and Use LinkedIn for your Job SearchNetworking and Research

Finding a job is the tough part. Boriana can assist you in creating an optimal LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn profile is used for networking to create opportunities for your job search.

Gone are the days where we only need to show up and talk to the Nursing Manager! Hunting for a job is a full-time job! Make it easier for recruiters to find you. Job recruiters search LinkedIn every day to fill open positions.
You will learn how to:

  •  Create a winning LinkedIn Profile
  • Effectively search for jobs on LinkedIn
  • Get recommended for open positions by your friends & colleagues
  • Contact recruiters, and HR through personal connections
  • Catch up with what’s hot on the job market

Be memorable with LinkedIn! You only get one chance at a First Impression!

Portfolios are important to prepare for the interview. The portfolio is a glimpse into your passion for nursing.

**Included in the Career Game Plan Workshop

Prepare for the InterviewPreparing for the Interview

You don’t want to get this far and not “nail” the interview. You will want to know how the hospital will interview you – one-on-one or panel. We know what the magnet hospitals want to hear and what the hospital that has religious affiliations want to hear. We will help you with your responses.

We have prepared a toolkit for what the unit managers want you to understand. They will ask you what you know about

  •       Magnet Hospitals
  •       Baby Friendly Hospitals
  •       The Clinical Practice Council
  •       Critical Thinking
  •       The Chain of Command
  •       Multi-disciplinary Care
  •       Patient-Family Centered Care

We have prepared some unique volunteer programs that can enhance your effort

Intimate Partner Violence with Laura’s House. This is a volunteer position that you should apply for.

You may want to review the tool kit that hospitals use to screen for abusive situations.

March of Dimes that focuses on complex problems of the preterm birth

Postpartum Depression

You may want to review the tool kit that hospitals use to score Postpartum Depression.

**Included in the Career Game Plan