Basic to Intermediate ECG Interpretation

Basic ECG Interpretation

Basic to Intermediate ECG Interpretation is recommended for all healthcare providers. Above all, Nurses and EMS teams benefit the most from learning ECG Interpretation.

First of all, Nurses and Paramedics are at the front lines of patient care. Thus, they are the first ones to read an ECG strip hot off the press. For this reason, a healthcare provider must be able to interpret an ECG strip to recognize a life-threatening cardiac rhythm.

Moreover, our ECG Course emphasizes on pharmacology in a stress-free and memorable method. Because pharmacology can be very difficult and stressful we have created fun and innovative approaches to remember difficult information.

For example, Adenosine can be learned by recalling A-down with Adenosine. Adenosine to slow down the heart rate.

Additionally, Atropine can be simplified by thinking of Atta boy. Atropine to speed up the heart rate.


Most noteworthy, students who have taken the Basic to Intermediate ECG class have successfully accomplished a hospital’s ECG exam. Even more impressive almost every student becomes inspired when learning this skill.

Last but not least, Nurses Educational Opportunities ECG course is renowned in Southern California. As a result, we have achieved a perfect 5 stars in Yelp and Facebook. We truly believe that we can enhance your confidence in interpreting an ECG even when your knowledge of ECG is dubious. The reason for our success is that we work harder so you learn easier.

Class Information

Duration: 6 Hours (1-day course)

Price: $150.00

Textbook Included: Rates and Rhythms

Contact Education Hours: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6 contact hours. CEP#13004.


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Recommended for employees who work in: ER, ICU, CCU, Telemetry,and Medical Surgical

Additional recommendations include: Cardiology Clinics and Urgent Care Facilities

Also suggested for: Students and New Graduates

Necessary for: Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians

Last but not least: Completion of an ECG exam


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