NRP Certification Classes in Orange County and San Diego

Do you need a last minute NRP certification class (Skills Session)?

Are you struggling with the NRP Exam or E-skills mock code?

Are you a New Grad with questions about the AAP NRP certification?

Healthcare providers are VERY busy people. At Nurses Educational Opportunities we recognize that you work 12 hours or more a day.

Even more, on top of a very busy work schedule, you most likely maintain a family and a much deserved social life. So, when you understandably forget to renew your NRP certification we are here to help. Nurses Educational Opportunities proudly serves healthcare providers in Orange County and San Diego. In fact, we accommodate last minute NRP skills sessions for any healthcare provider’s in-need in Southern California.

Furthermore, Nurses Educational Opportunities is rated 5 Stars on Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

The reason being, our dedication to make our student’s life a little bit more stress-free. Additionally, believe it or not, NEO’s NRP classes are fun and enjoyable. We take our job seriously, and although neonatal resuscitation is a serious topic we believe that fun learning enhances retention and attentiveness. For these reasons, and more, we maintain an NRP class that is to the point, with humor, yet factual and serious when needed.

In addition, for those who are not tech savvy, or those who struggle with the exam and E-skills portion we offer additional support.

There’s nothing worse than pulling your hair or getting a headache over a mandated certification. Moreover, we understand that unlike the NICU nurse, L&D nurses and Postpartum nurses rarely participate during a neonatal arrest. In addition, NRP is not a course. The American Academy of Pediatrics NRP program consists of a book and an exam. That is all. For these reasons NEO has created the Assisted NRP. Assisted NRP is a one-on-one course where an Experienced NICU nurse explains the how’s and why’s of neonatal resuscitation. With the Assisted NRP you are guaranteed a 0% stress-free experience and 100% satisfaction.

In conclusion, we hope you consider Nurses Educational Opportunities for your NRP certification. We look forward to meeting you and assisting your every need. Call us today to schedule your skills session at 866-266-2229 or register online.

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